Inspired by the land that once was my husband’s grandparents, our 1957 home nestled on few acres beautifully landscaped and bordered with a hearty vineyard is now where we call home. 2012 proved to be a year of change, challenges, leaps of faith and courage to follow our hearts.

I have been drawing, painting and creating ever since I was a little girl. I enjoy the beauty of nature and craft it with the magic of digital design. I am that person who stands in the wrapping paper aisle for way too long deciding what theme I want to go with under the tree and coordinate the bags, ribbon and tags. With much consideration, I decided to resign from my full time graphic design position to pursue my passion and have more time with my family. You will find me creating artwork in my studio, inspiring design students as a part time adjunct college design instructor and freelancing at agencies around the city.

In my corporate experience designing for consumer goods, I have worked on branding many global and national brands, designed fast food menus to toilet bowl cleaner; barbeque sauce to beauty care; brochures to baby care. I am featured in Graphic Design USA 2003 year end issue and How Design’s 101 Innovative packaging solutions 2008. You can even pick up one of my pattern designs on the Pampers Soft Care wipes that launched in 2012!

My travels around the globe have led me here, finding joy in creating so others can have joy in giving.

I hope you find inspiration here to follow your dream too, whatever it may be! 


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